How to clean stereo speakers

1. Remove the grille from the speaker. Be careful doing this as you do not want to damage the grille.

2. Clean the grille of your speakers. The grille on your speakers can get dusty. If they are not catching dust they are not working properly. If the grille is a fabric one you can vacuum it to get rid of the dust. If the grille is soiled or stained gently rinse with warm water and lay them out to dry before putting them back on. If the grill is metal or plastic the best way to clean them is by using a cloth that is either dry or a little damp.

3. Clean the driver in the speaker. Dust can accumulate in the drivers. When removing the dust use a soft bristle paintbrush. If your drivers have become very dusty because you do not have grilles on your speakers you may want to begin to use them.

4. Look for other areas within the speakers that have accumulated dust. Use a dry cloth or paint brush to remove any other dust in the speakers.

5. For sensitive small parts of the speaker use a micro-fibre cloth to remove the dust.

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