How to clean silver

Although silver is a beautiful and popular metal it is also very fragile and can quickly develop tarnish, stains and scratches. Many people are anxious to clean their silver because most silver pieces are special and they do not want to risk damage. The best tip to cleaning silver is to clean it often. This way, when tarnishing begins, all that you need to do is wash the silver under warm (not hot) water with a phosphate-free detergent.

When tarnish develops, simple hand washing will not remove it.

To clean silver follow these easy steps:

Moisten a silver-polishing cloth or a sponge and use a silver-polishing specific solution provided with the silver or some other household product such as ‘Silvo’.

Rub the silver in a straight motion, back and forth. Do not clean using a circular motion. Avoid scrubbing.

Rinse the silver under running water.

Dry the silver with a soft, clean cloth.

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