How to clean pet hair off your furniture

 Pets are great companions in the family home and are generally great company to have around. Unfortunately, their fur can provide a frustrating problem when trying to remove it from the furniture. Of course, the easiest strategy to avoid this problem is to train your pets not to sit on the furniture.

However, if this is almost impossible, at least we can show you a great step by step way to removing pet hair from your furniture:

1. Use your hands to remove any clumps of hair that you can see.

2. Using the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner, vacuum as much pet hair off the furniture as possible.

3. In this step you can use one of two options. First option is using a large, lint roller or other tape product. Or, lightly wet a rubber glove and run your hand over the furniture or use a dryer sheet to lift the fur.

4. In both options, brush in downward strokes in a rolling motion to gather all the fur up in one motion.

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