How to clean stuck glass coffee table top

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To clean stuck glass coffee table top

1. Apply WD-40 into the break or area between the glass along with the timber , utilizing the smart straw for precision . 

2. Wait around a few mins to let the WD-40 to function . 

3. Start wiggling the glass ready , utilizing a side to side movement rather than attempting to force or draw it up . This may let the WD-40 better penetration and reduce the chance of cracking the glass . 

4. Do again if needed . The WD-40 are going to breakdown the gooey , coffee “glue” and finally loosen the glass top . 

5. After the glass pops up , rub the timber down with a duster rag . Ensure you tidy up all the original leak . The WD-40 is not going to damage the timber . 

6. Utilize another duster material and glass cleaner to cleanse the glass before switching it in the desk .

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