How to clean nylon curtains

To clean nylon curtains:


1 . Wash your nylon curtains in the washing machine with
the machine set on the delicate mode , applying a gentle , colour-safe detergent that
won’t fade the colours of your nylon draperies . Using cool water unless the
nylon drapes are terribly soiled . In case your nylon curtains need to have a more deeply
cleaning , use warm water . Prevent hot water , which is difficult on the fabric .


2 . Dry the nylon drapes on the tumble dry setting of
your dryer with low heat . Never use high heat , that may fade the colours and
crease the fabric . Add a fabric softener sheet to reduce wrinkles .

3 . Remove the nylon drapes from the dryer whilst the fabric is slightly wet . Re-hang the curtains and leave them to finish drying .

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