How to Clean Corn Stove Soot off Vinyl Siding

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To Clean Corn Stove Soot off Vinyl Siding:

1. Start by shielding vegetation with the plastic sheet . This can avoid the soapy mix from hurting any plants .

2. Sweep the house siding with a hard broom or scrubbrush to eradicate the most of the loosely dust as you can .

3. Combine a mixture of 1/3 cup of powdered cleaning agent , 2/3 cup home-use cleaning solution along with a 7 litters of water .

4. Utilize the scrubbrush to put on the cleaning solution to the siding , functioning from the base up to decrease streaking .

5. Operate in smaller areas to help you to wash often .

6. Once you are done , and just before the siding has got time to dry , rinse it completely with the water hose .

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