How to clean chiffon curtains

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To clean chiffon curtains:


1. Remove the chiffon curtains from the rod, being careful not to snag or wrinkle them. Only remove as many curtains as you can fit into your machine at a time.


2. Insert the curtains into a laundry bag. Loosely fold the curtain, and slide each one into a bag. Zip the bag to close it.


3. Fill the washing machine with warm water, and add the bagged curtains once the machine is half full. Do not overfill the machine; the curtains are more likely to snag, and they won’t wash as well.


4. Add a gentle wash detergent to the water.


5. Set the machine to agitate on the gentle cycle for two minutes. Turn the machine off so the curtains soak in the water. Leave for five minutes.


6. Turn the machine back on, and allow it to dry and rinse once.


7. Dilute liquid fabric softener with 1 litre of water, and add it to the second rinse water.


8. Insert the curtains into the dryer with several hand towels. Set the dryer to the lowest heat setting, and allow it run for three minutes. The lowest heat setting varies from dryer to dryer; look for “delicate,” “gentle” or “permanent press” options. The towels will remove excess moisture from the curtains so they won’t drip, but doesn’t heat them enough to dry or damage them.


9. Hang the curtains either on a clothesline or by reinstalling them on the rod. Do not wring them or squeeze them as this will cause them to wrinkle.

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